Vrijrijck Vakantieparken

Horse info

PaardenRijck, where you can feel welcome!

In preparation for your arrival, we are sharing how everything works here regarding your arrival, stay and departure on this page.


1. Check-in for your horse is between 3:00 p.m. nd 5:00 p.m. Check out before 12:00 p.m. on the day of departure. In consultation with the stable manager and if a stable or pasture is available, you can arrive earlier on the day of arrival to go for a ride. After unloading the horse, please put the trailer in the designated parking space. The horse's passport must be present (registration obligation from 2021).

2. You will be assigned a stable and pasture for your horse upon arrival. 
The stable is equipped with anti-slip floor mats. Flax is spread on the floor too.

3. You can store your belongings in a closet (if available), and there are saddle racks everywhere. 

4. There are several lighting points. We will show you where they are when you arrive.



5. Roughage
All horses receive a standard 12 kilograms of roughage per day divided into 4 portions of 3 kilograms. Ponies receive 8-10 kilograms. We weigh the portions and put them in red and blue barrels to make sure the horses get enough roughage.

6. Feeding times
8:00 a.m.: We feed all horses at the same time. In the summer, when the horses go out early, they get this portion of roughage on the pasture in the appropriate pallet box.
1:00 p.m.: Around noon you can provide a barrel of roughage on the pasture yourself.
6:00 p.m.: In the summer, when the horses can stay out late, they get roughage on the pasture.
10 p.m.: We feed all horses their last round of roughage, we check them, turn off the lights and they go to sleep. If you wish, we will also feed the pellets at 8.00 a.m. You can leave a closed container in front of your horse's stable for this. Please take care of any other pellet feeding moments yourself. 

7. Hosing down horses
If you want to hose down your horse, you can use the hose at the tap on the side of the outdoor stable. Only hose it down on the stone pavement in front of the stable or in the outside arena.  So not on the grass, because it will turn into a mud puddle and the horses and/or you may slip. Please do not hose it down at the front of the stables either, which makes it more difficult to park the trailers because the cars will slip. 

8. Arena
The arena can be used for riding or lunging. We also use the arena for ground work and free work lessons. Releasing your horse in the arena is not allowed.

9. Routes with node points
You can take a look at some nice routes via this link: https://planner.routesopdeveluwe.nl/planner/paardheden

10. Electric fence
We turn the power on to the electric fence in the morning and turn it off again in the evening. If there are horses in the pasture 24/7, the power will remain on 24/7. We will show you the power switch for the electric fence when you arrive.

11. Safety
Visitors who do not don't bring their own horse are not allowed to enter the grounds and stables of PaardenRijck without permission. Your horse stays with us at your own risk. We are in no way liable for damage or injury to a guest's horse. Liability insurance for your horse is MANDATORY here. If your horse causes damage to our or other people's property, you can be held liable for it. Everyone must make sure that all gates are closed at all times. Close the gate behind you immediately after parking the trailer. You may use the paths leading to and from the stables from reception. You are not allowed to ride, walk and/or eat grass on the other paths in the park with your horse. Smoking is prohibited on the entire grounds of PaardenRijck.



12. Check that you have packed all your own items such as whips, brushes, lead ropes and the saddle.

13. Check whether the meadow is free of manure and whether the manure balls and wet spots have been taken out of the box. Please take roughage remains out of the pallet box.

Useful checklist

14. We ask that you pay attention to the following points every day:

• Sweep your own doorstep after taking your horse out.
• Remove the manure balls daily and remove the very wet spots from the stable at least every other day.  
• After bringing your horse indoors, remove the manure from the pastures every day. This is to prevent worm infestation and to keep the pastures usable for everyone.
• If you take your horse out of the pasture, please walk back to close the gate again. If you leave the gate open, you interrupt the power circuit and the other horses will be in the pasture without an electric fence.