Vrijrijck Vakantieparken

Frequently asked questions

Adjust booking or add extras

Would you like to take a look at or adjust your booking? Then take a look at your booking confirmation, in which you will find a link to your Vrijrijck environment. In this environment you can take a look at your booking and payment status, adjust your booking or add extras.

I can't manage to arrive before the reception closes

If you arrive later than the closing time of the reception at the relevant park, you must report this in advance. The reception can then make an appointment with you to collect the key. For this you need to call 0900-8486 or send an email to reserveringen@vrijrijckvakantieparken.nl


Barbecuing is allowed at the park. Please ensure that you do not cause any nuisance for the neighbors while barbecuing. Barbecuing is not allowed if code red is announced by the fire department. We are in the middle of a nature reserve.

Premium barbecue packages are for sale at Slagerij Van der Vlis: https://uitdebosch.gildeslager.nl and Gilderslager Uit de Bosch in Ermelo: http://slagerijvandervlis.nl

Renting bicycle, electric bicycle, etc.

Bicycles, electric bicycles, mountain bikes, dog cart, etc. are available for rent. For prices and availability, please contact Van Nijhuis Rijwielen.

Leave earlier

Earlier departure is possible, of course. Please lock everything in the home and lock the door.
You can deposit the house key in the mailbox at the reception.

What kind of coffee machine is in the accommodation

All accommodations are equipped with a Nespresso coffee machine. The group accommodation has a filter coffee machine as an extra. All accommodations have a water boiler.

What does the towel package consist of

The towel package consists of: 1 bath towel, 1 regular towel.

Are pets allowed in the homes

All parks have homes in which pets are allowed. These must be reported when booking. We charge a surcharge of €25 per pet per stay, with a maximum of two pets per home.

Are there facilities at the park

At Bospark the Heivlinder and Vlindervallei, the enormous forest and the extensive moorlands are the largest and most beautiful facility you could possibly wish for! ;)

The best feature is the wonderful tranquility at the forest park. All homes are hidden in the park and the reception is open as little as possible so that everyone can enjoy the sounds of nature.

Charging stations for your electric car

During your stay, it is possible to charge your electric car at one of the four charging stations in the general parking lot of Vrijrijck Vakantieparken. You can charge your car quickly with 8 kW. We offer an Ecotab connection. All commonly used cards are accepted.

Parking near the home

At the Heivlinder, 1 car may be parked in the parking lot near the house. At the Vlindervallei for 8 people, 2 cars can be parked at the house; at the Boshuis for 16 people a maximum of 6 cars can be parked. Other cars can be parked in the general parking lot.

Which house number have we reserved

Our booking system only assigns the house number upon check–in. It is not possible to indicate in advance which house number has been booked.

Different interiors

There are various interior styles at the park. This varies from light shades to the more warmer shades. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a preference booking for this.

All homes are privately owned, which is why the interior differences have arisen. This can be a nice surprise every time.

Free of fireworks

Our vacation parks are completely free of fireworks, so that you can enjoy your stay with your pet in tranquility on New Year's Eve.