Vrijrijck Vakantieparken

Enjoying yourself in the Veluwe

Vrijrijck Vlindervallei & the Heivlinder

Our parks Vrijrijck Vlindervallei and the Heivlinder are located in the middle of the beautiful Veluwe. Here you will find nice vacation homes, and you can walk straight into nature. You are in the middle of a beautiful nature reserve. You can hear the sound of birdsong around you. Our parks are located in Ermelo (between Harderwijk and Garderen) in the middle of the moorland of Ermelo and the ancient Sprielderbos.

The Veluwe is a beautiful nature reserve in the heart of The Netherlands. The Veluwe is roughly located in the triangle Amersfoort–Zwolle–Arnhem and has extensive forests, moorland hills, sand drifts and various species of flora and fauna. You will encounter special animal species here, such as deer, roe deer and wild boars. There are also many squirrels, butterflies, woodpeckers and owls to be found.

You will be amazed at what the Veluwe has to offer because of the different landscapes in the area. Estates where you can experience culture, but also quiet areas where you can clear your head. The Veluwe has a lot to offer for both active and tranquility–seeking guests. There are also several nature parks that are definitely worth a visit.

The Vrijrijck vacation parks are located next to each other and border directly on the Speulderbos and the moorland of Ermelo. A unique place in The Netherlands. All accommodations are also playfully placed and hidden in nature, so you have a lot of privacy. You can rent a home, studio, villa or group accommodation at our private park, surrounded by tranquility and nature.

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