Vrijrijck Vakantieparken

General terms

General rental conditions Vrijrijck 
1. Rights and obligations lessor

1.1 Lessor is only bound to rental agreement after receiving the advance payment. 
1.2 Lessor is obliged to deliver the rented property in clean and proper condition at the agreed upon time. 
1.3 Lessor can inspect the rented property at any reasonable time. 

2. Rights and obligations lessee
21. Lessee can not allow third parties to use the rented property, nor let more people stay in it than agreed upon during the booking, unless with written permission of the lessor. 
2.2 Lessee will use the rented property with due care and will live in it tidily and cleanly, committing to immediately compensate any damages, due to them or their negligence, to the rented property, the furnishing, the inventory, or others. This also applies to the disappearance of any park of the rented property, the furnishing, or the inventory. Lessee commits to paying the cleaning fees agreed upon in this booking, notwithstanding the requirement to deliver the object in a clean and proper state in accordance with the list after the rental period. (see house regulations) 
2.3 Pets can only be brought if this was agreed upon in the booking. If this is not the case, this may result in the refusal of the pet or transfer to a different accommodation. 
2.4 Lessee will only use the rented property as holiday accommodation and is specifically not allowed to practice a profession or run a business in it. 
2.5 Using other cooking or washing equipment than is installed or placed by the lessee in the rental object is forbidden. 
2.6 Lessee is not allowed to sleep on the beds without using bed sheets. 
2.7 Lessee is not allowed to disturb other park residents through the production of music or noise. 
2.8 Lessee commits to park their vehicle in the appropriate location. Parking in yards and on grass pitches is forbidden. 
2.9 In addition to the terms above, the specific conditions in the park regulations apply. 

3. General 
3.1 Lessee will be deemed to have accepted the rental property including its inventory, in accordance with the inventory list in the rented property, without damages, unless they file a complaint with the lessor within 2 hours of entering the rental property. Insofar as the lessee is not responsible for creating the damage, lessor will strive to repair the damage within 2 working days after the moment the complaint was filed, insofar as can be reasonably expected from them. Lessee is not entitled to a discount, settlement of rental fees, or compensation or otherwise. 
3.2 Upon noticing damage to the home and interior or disappearance of inventory, Vrijrijck immediately informs the Owner and provides the Owner with the relevant details to hold the lessee liable. Vrijrijck BV - Tonnenberg 53 - 3852 PC Ermelo - 0900-8486 - info@vrijrijckvakantieparken.nl 
3.3 Lessor is not liable for theft of or damage to property of the lessee. Lessor is not liable for disturbances caused by third parties. 
3.4 Renting multiple objects by groups is only possible if bookings are made as such while stating the type or composition of the group. Not indicating this can result in the termination of the rental agreement. 
3.5 In case the object booked by the lessee is unavailable unexpectedly, lessor has the right to provide the lessee with an equivalent alternative accommodation. The judgment of the lessor is leading in this case. Lessee is not entitled to a compensation or discount in this case. 
3.6 Lessee can not derive any rights from displayed photos of the exterior, interior, layouts, and other discrepancies of the homes to be rented. 

4. Termination
 4.1 Lessor has the right to consider the booking terminated without requiring a notice of default or intervention by the court; 
4.1.1 If the full rental fee has not been paid upon the start of the rental period; 
4.1.2 If one of the obligations listed in article 4 through 12 was not met. 

5. Payment conditions
5.1 The (pre)payment must have been received by Vrijrijck within 7 days after the booking date. Any remaining fees must have been received by Vrijrijck 2 weeks before the day of arrival. 
5.2 When booking within 2 weeks before arrival, the entire fee must have been received by Vrijrijck within 2 days. 

6. Cancellation conditions
6.1 If the lessee cancels a rental agreement entered into for whatever reason, he will forfeit compensation to the owner. This compensation consists of: 

• When canceling 91 days or more before the day of commencement, 25% of the price agreed upon; 
• When canceling between 31 and 90 days before the day of commencement, 50% of the price agreed upon; 
• When canceling between 15 and 30 days before the day of commencement, 90% of the price agreed upon; 
• When canceling less than 14 days before the day of commencement, 100% of the price agreed upon. 

The compensation will be proportionally refunded, after subtraction of booking fees, if the lessee provides a third party to book and pay for the same period or part thereof, upon written agreement of Vrijrijck. 
Vrijrijck BV - Tonnenberg 53 - 3852 PC Ermelo - 0900-8486 - info@vrijrijckvakantieparken.nl